New workshop at Dallas Solo Fest

If you’re coming to the Dallas Solo Fest, I’ll be teaching a writing workshop. You can sign up by emailing

In the Weeds: Getting Unstuck While Developing Your Show

There’s an interesting, and often endless-seeming middle ground between the raw idea for a show and a show with a shape. This is a workshop for getting unstuck. We’ll do group writing and performing exercises to figure out what’s important to the story, and to you. And we’ll talk about strategies for finishing and next steps. Please bring ideas, notes, sections, outlines, sources of inspiration and other half-finished thoughts.

Dates/Times: Saturday, June 13 @ 2:30 pm
Workshop duration: 2.5 hours
Intended for: Writers/performers
Cost of workshop: $30
Class limit: 10 people maximum

More info here: