About the show

Comedian Lesley Tsina (Community, Black-ish, Conan) worked for a company that made cell phone ringtones. That is, until they announced nine months of layoffs and the entire office descended into savagery. Lord of the Files is a darkly hilarious story about losing your job, losing your mind, and still having to attend an all-company pancake breakfast.

Lord of the Files was developed in workshops with Lauren Weedman (The Daily Show, Wreckage, Bust) and Brian Finkelstein (The Moth, First Day Off In A Long Time) and directed by Julie Brister (Fatparts, The Onion News Network) and Kevin Pedersen (Malibu Country, Popzilla). The show has been performed at the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater, Dallas Solo Fest and the Vancouver and Minnesota Fringe Festivals.

Praise for Lord of the Files

“Hands down, Lesley Tsina’s Lord of the Files is the funniest show of the second Dallas Solo Fest. . . . [T]he laughter . . . flies fast and furious” – TheaterJones.com

“There is something about the story of Lord of the Files that rings so true, so close to the spinal cord of so many artists and art enthusiasts…it is easy to see why people are flocking to this understated wonder.” – Plank Magazine

“Lesley Tsina is a talented storyteller and comedian with excellent timing and a commanding presence. “Lord of the Files” is intensely entertaining and well-performed, and if you’ve ever worked in an office, ever had a loved one who worked in an office, ever watched The Office, you should go watch and enjoy.” – Aisle Say Twin Cities

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