Last show at 5:30 today

My last show at the Vancouver Fringe will be today, Sunday at 5:30. We’ve sold out the last two shows pretty close to showtime, so come early, or buy online if you can.

This has been a really wonderful Fringe, and thanks to everyone who’s come out to the show, stayed to chat afterward, tweeted the show or talked about it in line. I hope to come back again soon.

New review in Zouch Magazine

Great new review. Thank you, Zouch Magazine!

“Lesley Tsina’s hilarious play, Lord of the Files, is one of those must-see plays for anybody who has ever worked for a corporation, . . .”

More here:

Two more shows. We sold out on Wednesday night, so get your tickets early for Saturday and Sunday:

New review and ticket link

I got a new review from Review From The House. Thank you for coming!

“Anyone who has ever worked in a corporation or a public institution will appreciate her story.”

More here:

I’m on at 6:45 tonight at False Creek Gym. Three more shows! Tickets still available here:

Today you can totally confuse your friends

This is the one day of the Vancouver Fringe where you can see both my show, Lord of the FILES and an actual adaptation of Lord of the FLIES, called Lord of the Flies: Remixed, in the same day.

2:00pm Lord of the Flies: Remixed – Circle Point, Granville Island

This remixed version of the novel is part of a week-long workshop with a cast of teens by The Only Animal. It’s a cool project.

7:00pm Lord of the Files – False Creek Gym, Granville Island

I’m taping tonight’s show, so it would be a great night to come by. Also, if you go to both, you can totally confuse your friends. Or have bragging rights. Or something.